Master The Positions   Within is a collection of exercises designed to challenge you in positions 1 through 8 using the natural notes. Most of us rely on identifying the interval between notes to find our way through music in higher positions. Violinist will at times sacrifice an easier fingering, favoring instead a position that is more comfortable to read. Because these are random notes as opposed to melodies, you will be encouraged to memorize the individual notes in each position and rely less on interval recognition. Price: $15





Christmas Book Cover   A collections of Carols and holiday favourites. Price: $15







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The Felt Hat String Band
The Felt Hat String Band: Live At Jeffrey
The Dryland Band
Dryland Band: Dryland Band
Ne Plus Ultra
AUDio SQUADron: Ne Plus Ultra
Requisite Variety
Audio Squadron: Requisite Variety
Moksha Ensemble:
Lady Sun
Moksha Ensemble: Lady Sun